Diver Level 2

Types de plongées

After 8 to 10 dives, the Level 2 diver has the ability to evolve in the 40 meters zone with an instructor, more sites at your disposal, wrecks…And above all, he can leave in autonomy with other divers of his level without instructor until 20m!! to us the freedom … yes but to you also the responsibilities !!! I take care of my buddy, my air and yours, decompression, find the boat and also have a nice dive !!! as a team of course !!!

A lot of things to manage … but it is learned and it is by diving that one becomes a diver!

Plongée Niveau 2

Level 2 diver


In 8 dives
(+ ANMP certification)

Level 1 in your pocket, you want to go further!

photos and videos offered!

Although in your heads, leave with your photos and videos of diving to remember these magical moments!

Come with a USB key or SD card!

Beautiful memories to keep!