Scuba Diver

Types de plongées

In 4 dives, obtain an international certification allowing you to dive all over the world in the 12 meter zone with a buddy under the supervision of a Dive Master. This is the first step on the road to the Open Water Diver. With advice and some technical exercises, evolve easily by yourself in the middle of the fishes! We progressively increase the depth of evolution on different sites°°°

°°° without forgetting the essential: the discovery of the aquatic environment!!!
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Plongée Scuba Diver

Scuba Diver


In 4 Dives (First Dive + 3 Dives) without previous experience! Get an International certification: first step towards the Open Water Diver route

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photos and videos offered!

Although in your heads, leave with your photos and videos of diving to remember these magical moments!

Come with a USB key or SD card!

Beautiful memories to keep!