Sites de plongées en Martinique


Discover the magnificent diving sites of the Great South of Martinique, from Sainte-Anne to the Diamond Rock.

The choice of the sites is made in the respect of the safety rules of the Code of the Sport and the French regulation, according to the level of the divers, the weather conditions and the sea.  According also to the other diving structures …to avoid the overpopulation of divers on the bottom! The sites are equipped with fixed anchors to avoid dropping the anchor and thus damaging the bottom! 

We will do our best to make you discover the wealth of Martinique and its seabed!

Borgnese Point

Site for all ! From beginners to advanced divers, including snorkelers (snorkelers, PMT)!
Located at the exit of the Cul de Sac du Marin (10 minutes by boat ! ).

The anchorage near the coast offers a sheltered area ideal for beginners. Shallow water under the boat (4/5m), turquoise water thanks to the fine white sand studded with darker spots-‘les patates de corail’- invites the diver to come and discover the Martinique seabed.

Beginners will stay on the plateau in the middle of swarms of small coral fish (beetles, damsels, juveniles of gorettes) using the corals as protection against their predators (jackfish, trumpetfish, lizardfish and ti’mérou).

Boucaniers Caye

Facing the beach of Pointe Marin in Sainte-Anne in Martinique, near the red buoy, a site for all but more exposed on the surface, often agitated!
For certified divers, the dive starts by going down to the plateau, then you can slide along the wall!
The drop-off is richly populated by a mess of multicolored sponges (yellow, violet, orange and blue), and is also rich in fauna
It is not uncommon to meet royal or French angels, big paddlefish! In the middle of the banks of manioc and bogues, kingfish, barracuda and colas wander around.
You can also see large red and white striped cleaner shrimps, easily spotted by their long white antenna.

In the crab rock, you can find big spider crabs! And on the way back, on a 12 meters depth, a compact ball of yellow pike in a very tight row.
And for the lucky ones, some of them have already encountered a school of tarpons, a turtle or a ray.

Magnificent dive not to be missed!

L' Aquarium

Everything is said in the name … interesting and richly populated site in Martinique ideal for divers level PE12 and level 1!

In the 6 to 15m zone. Schools of gorettes in all directions, stealthy passage of king mackerel, wandering of maniocs in full water, trumpet fish on the lookout for their meal… and don’t forget to poke around in the holes you will find lobsters !

What a pleasure to be in the middle of a school of manioc, to observe the parrots ‘nibbling’ the coral. Even on the sand, you can observe lizard fish, tilefish or crabs. Thanks to the stinging of sea urchins and the biting of damselfish, keep your distance from the bottom! This will also allow you to protect the very fragile coral bottom… One small stroke of the flipper is devastating!

The 3 Valleys

Site for certified divers, from 10m to 40m ! near the green buoy.

One of the most beautiful coral garden of Martinique descending in gentle slope, big coral potatoes along the sandy tracks!

The descent under the boat is often done in the middle of the banks of manioc, the curious thazards pass and repass throughout the dive!

Clinging to the sponges, magnificent comatulas spread their branches in search of food. At the foot of the sponges, the moray eels only let us see their heads opening and closing their mouths, not wanting to say “be careful, I will bite you” but allowing them to breathe!

Ti' Mur

Under the boat, the descent is done on the plateau, close to the drop off. The beginning of the drop-off is well marked, quite steep, then gently slopes down beyond the 20 meters ….

On the way out, we go along the ‘wall’ in search of lobsters, morays and lobsters; without forgetting to raise the head to observe kingfish, barracuda or manioc passing over your heads!

Then we cut the plateau to go and meet the schools of pagres and gorettes which are close to very big sponges where spider crabs often hide…

The return is done on the top of the plateau, where we can cross diodons, purses, spotted sandpiper…

Back under the boat, a small stop at 5 meters to bubble quietly before going back on the boat!

Very nice site in Martinique, accessible to all ! For PE12 level divers, but also for autonomous divers because easy in orientation !!!


From the supervised diver at 20m (PE20), descent on 12 meters on the coral massif, at a few strokes of the fins a small wreck of a sailboat gutted by a cyclone which crossed Martinique is used as a shelter for mombins (goldfish with big eyes) and lionfish.

The maniocs come there to be cleaned by the small fish. 

Schools of pagas, big curious sorbs and a school of platax are wandering in the area. Thazard, Barracuda, Colas and Carangues are swimming around in the open water, don’t forget to look up but don’t keep on swimming°°°

Back under the boat, a small stop at 5 meters to bubble quietly before going back on the boat!

Blue Garden

Site for experienced divers, from 19m to 40m and beyond!
The descent is done in the blue under the boat 19m, sandy plateau with large coral spuds!

The banks of manioc and bogues go by at full speed, large paddles can only be seen from a distance!

Beware of the many lionfish, invasive species in Martinique! beautiful, quiet but very dangerous, their bite is very poisonous!

The huge spider crabs are spotted in their hole by their claws or their huge claw!
Long filaments dot the drop off, wire coral °°°

Be careful with your pressure gauge and your dive computer ! Have a good dive !!!

Garden of Ste Luce

Off Sainte-Luce in Martinique, this site is remarkable for the diversity of its corals!

The anchorage on 7 meters at the level of the plateau, allows all levels to dive. There is a succession of plateaus and drop-offs up to thirty meters …
Beginner divers will stay on the plateau in the middle of swarms of small coral fish (beetles, damsels, juveniles of gorettes) using the corals as protection against their predators (jackfish, trumpetfish, lizardfish and ti’mérou).

The banks of maniocs pass by, the kingfish follow one another in the middle of the water. The paddles in school move at our sight without letting themselves approach.

The coral mounds and the big gorgonians are impressive!

Be careful not to penetrate too much on the plateau at the end of the dive, otherwise it will be hard to find the boat…

Lost Weight

For PE20 divers, depending on the weather, presence of swell.Descent on the plateau under the boat on a bottom of 10m, half of the dive is done on the break of the cliff by following it on the right or on the left … you choose or with the current according to the case!

A succession of small creeks where we meet pagras, gorettes, moray eels and other coral fishes… and the return to the top of the plateau in the middle of gorgonians (look for the Caribbean coins!) and ti’poissons!

Meeting from time to time with the turtles or the rays of Martinique!


Off the coast of Ste Luce in Martinique, the anchorage on the plateau allows a descent of 10 meters, the drop off in the vicinity allows all levels to stay within their prerogatives of divers from 10 to 50 m, to each his own zone of evolution.

We sometimes meet stingrays ‘flying’ at the bottom of the drop off, quite often a beautiful and big barracuda walks in the sector, dirty mouth and nice little teeth but nothing to fear, it does not like neoprene .

The banks of castanets and maniocs pass by pursued by their predator.

A small cave sometimes hides a big fish or spider crabs, banded lobsters hide in the holes of the cave, with their small claws 

The ark

A huge Arch opens the plateau and lets the divers go to the depth…a little further on, on about 40 meters, some boulders shelter big paddles and schools of gorettes, sometimes you can see stingrays…

After having made a small turn there, but not too much, attention with the bearing and the air which spin quickly with these depths, of return under the Arch, one observes quietly the ceiling covered with lobsters! Schools of multicolored fishes are diluted at our approach

The dive ends on the top of the plateau on the 10 meters to observe tilefish, box fish and other small coral fish … a short stop at 5 meters and back to the surface!

Caye D'Olbian

Towards the town of Diamant in Martinique, this cay is very richly populated with fish!

A small cave gives a glimpse (with a lamp) of a small statue at the bottom of the cave, put there by a filmmaker. Be careful with your stabilization, the sandy and muddy bottom of the cave is very sensitive to flippers…

Fish in all directions, lobsters sheltered in the fringing coral, king mackerel, barracuda, stingray and much more … we take full eyes!!!

The schools of yellow striped gorettes can be observed quietly, the red fish with big eyes under the shelter of the corals are waiting for the coming of the night to go for a walk.

The current can be very strong there!

Diamond Rock

Le Rocher : The mythical dive in Martinique !!!
Double dive to enjoy the enchanting setting of the rock!

The dive is done at the foot of the rock, the water is clear and blue, the walls covered with all the colors of the rainbow!

The fault crosses a piece of the rock, at 15 meters depth, about thirty length turn around and observe the shadow of the other divers in the blue, too beautiful!

Two boulders one on top of the other are organized in a small arch, where divers pass easily, in the middle of multicolored fish.

We often come across turtles, sometimes in the crevice nibbling on the sponges or on the algae tray of the pool…

Explosion of colors, fish in the deep blue, wandering in the middle of boulders give a special character to these magical dives!

 Site where there may be power!!!