Types de plongées


From the beginner to the advanced diver,
the diving club immersion caribbean has the right formula for you!
From snorkeling to scuba diving, through our different certifications, the choice is yours!

Snorkeling Free diving

Dive without a tank equipped with fins, mask and snorkel to discover the underwater world. And enjoy a free introduction to scuba diving!

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Junior Diving

From 5/6 years old, only the child's desire counts! The diving will be adapted to the child's age and morphology.

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First dives

The first experience in scuba diving!!! Dare! Diving, a first excursion through the surface of the water, go and discover another world!!!

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Supervised Diver to 12m (PE12)

A Baptism + two dives... and you leave with a logbook, a diver card certifying your ability to evolve to a depth of 12m!

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Scuba Diver

In 4 dives, obtain an international certification: first step towards the road to the Open Water Diver. 

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Supervised diver at 20m (PE20)

At the end of the level 1 training, the diver joins a group (group of divers evolving together) supervised by a guide who is in charge of the management of the dive!

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Open Water Diver

The world standard...! PADI is only an international certification organization... It is the first level of the RSTC (Recreational Scuba Training Council)

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The OWD and after?

SSI's teaching is based on the Diver Diamond! The diver can choose from a multitude of specialties allowing him/her to access specific practices.

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Supervised diver to 40m (PE40)

If you are a level 1 diver and want to explore new sites a little deeper, this qualification is for you! 

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Diver Level 2

The level 2 can go in autonomy with other divers without an instructor at 20m. It can also evolve in the 40m zone with an instructor, more sites to discover! 

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Autonomous diver to 60m

Level 3 : the ultimate level of diver, who dives for himself !!! Autonomous up to 60m, limit of air diving ...

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Just for the pleasure of walking underwater, licensed diver, just enjoy the coral fauna and flora of our sites guided by your instructor!

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The Dive Guide / Dive Master program provides the skills and experience necessary to safely guide groups of certified divers.
This is the first step to an exciting career as a Dive Professional SSI without having to go through a full Instructor program.
Professional Dive Guides can work for SSI Dive Centers abroad, guiding dives in various environments and conditions.
At the end of this program, you will obtain the Dive Guide SSI certification.