Junior Diving

Types de plongées

Baptism of Junior Diving from 5/6 years old. The diving will be adapted to the child’s age and morphology: on the instructor’s regulator, in a few centimeters of water or with a small tank in a few meters … it doesn’t matter, as long as the child makes bubbles to breathe and sees fish … he dives!

After his baptism, he starts the junior diving training because he only wants to go back in the water to discover this environment… to play with the fishes. The sea is a huge playground to explore for a child!

With each new dive, the instructor will propose fun exercises to awaken the child’s senses and discover the marine environment while respecting it.

The budding diver will leave with a logbook where will be noted his progress, his skills, the fish observed … until these 12 years for the passage of level 1!

Junior Baptism Diving


First diving experience at this age!

Baptism of Diving from 5/6 years old, reinforced security and fun are the key words.

Only the child’s desire counts, we take care of the rest!

Plongée Junior

Junior Training in 3 Dives


Once the baptism is over, the budding diver will continue with this training.

He will leave with a logbook where his progress will be noted, his skills, the fish observed … until his 12th birthday

photos and videos offered!

Although in your heads, leave with your photos and videos of diving to remember these magical moments!

Come with a USB key or SD card!

Beautiful memories to keep!