Supervised Diver at 20m

Types de plongées

Level 1: At the end of the training, the diver integrates a group of divers evolving together under the supervision of a guide who is in charge of the management of the dive!

  The apprentice diver learns as he dives to manage himself: assembling the equipment, launching the boat, immersion, stabilization above the seabed, evolution with other divers, monitoring his air, and return to the surface!

  Little by little, after the realization of safety exercises such as the emptying of the mask and the release of the mouthpiece, we evolve the depth of evolution on different sites…

sans oublier l’essentiel : la découverte du milieu aquatique !!!

The newly briefed diver will leave with a logbook, pictures in his eyes and will receive his diver’s card at home ready for new underwater adventures °°°°

Supervised Diver at 20m


In 5 dives (First dive + 4 dives). No experience !

Level 1: At the end of the training, the diver joins a group.

Plongée encadrée à 20m

photos and videos offered!

Although in your heads, leave with your photos and videos of diving to remember these magical moments!

Come with a USB key or SD card!

Beautiful memories to keep!