Supervised diver to 40m

Types de plongées

You are a supervised diver at 20m (Level 1), you want to explore new sites, to dive a little deeper while remaining supervised! A new space of evolution opens to you!

During this training of 3 to 4 dives, the diver supervised at 40m (PE40) must get used to the depth, perfect his stabilization, be vigilant to his air management, learn to handle a dive computer and to manage his decompression but always under the supervision of an instructor 

Plongée encadrée 40m

Supervised diver at 40m


In 3 dives
(+ ANMP certification)

Supervised diver at 20m (Level 1), want more?! This qualification is for you!

photos and videos offered!

Although in your heads, leave with your photos and videos of diving to remember these magical moments!

Come with a USB key or SD card!

Beautiful memories to keep!